From Planter to Plate:

Sustainable Food-Tech & Urban Agri-Tech Webinar, March 2-3, 2021


Sustainable FoodTech:

March 2, Tuesday:

recording of day 1 on youtube:


0:00 ~ Opening remarks 


2:48 ~ Motoki Kurita, Commercial Attaché, Embassy of Japan in Israel 

8:45 ~ FRESH START FoodTech Incubator IL - Mrs. Noga Sela - Shalev, VP Business Development                 

26:33 ~ GiTV, Mr. Yonatan Beck, Partner 

41:00  ~ Panel discussion: The Bigger Picture of Plant Based: Legislation-Business-Society –                                                          collaboration and coordination 
              Mr. Omri Paz, Founder & CEO of Vegan Friendly

              Dr. Dikla Montekio, Director of Investments & Partnerships, The Kitchen FoodTech Hub.

1:09:40 ~ The ACT Hub, Ms. Carmit Oron Co-Founder &CEO- “Women in AgriFood tech -                                                              changing "funding practices” (15 min)


1:22:02 ~ Panel discussion: The Evolution Of Plant-Based Food In Israel & Japan 

                Ms. Shikma Yaakobi, Tivoneat, a Vegan Cook, Recipe Developer, and Traveler

                Mr. Ryoya Takashima, Peaceful cuisine, a Vegan Cook, Recipe Developer, and Traveler


1:39:17 ~  FoodTech startups Pitch (Video)


2:17:30 ~ Panel discussion: Entering Japanese and Israeli markets 

                 IJ-Win Founders

                 Mrs. Tomoko Nakamura Josting - President of To Na Jo consultant Ltd.
                 Mrs. Yuiko Kobayashi - PalmerGate
                 Mrs. Naomi Azar Nakashima -Writer, Consultant 

                 Adv. Shira Prion -Japanese desk at Weiss, Porat & Co.


2:59:43 ~ Ms. Miki Haimovich, Knesset Member, television presenter  

3:21:20 ~  Closing remarks 



Urban AgriTech:

March 3, Wednesday:

recording of day 2 on youtube:

0:00  ~ Opening remarks 


3:30  ~ Embassy of Israel in Japan, Mr. Daniel Kolbar, heads Israel's Economic and Trade Mission to Japan 

9:55  ~ Israel Innovation Authority ,Mrs. Ella Heller, Japan Israel Collaboration Manager

23:00 ~ ATR, Keihanna Science City, MS. Makiko Tatsumi ,Director, Strategic Management Unit & Business                               Development Office 

41:17 ~ Sompo Digital Lab Tel Aviv, Mr. Diyaa Shridi, CTO


58:32 ~ Ourcrowd, Manager Partner, Mr. Denes Ban

1:13:25 ~ Implementation of Urban Farming in the private sector and the public sector 

                 Infarm, Managing Director, Mr. Ikuo Hiraishi

                 The Association For Urban Farming Israel, CEO, Mr. Refael Lavi

1:41:31 ~ Panel discussion:The Future of Agriculture - Urban Farming in Japan

                URBAN FARMERS CLUB: Mr. Takashi Ogura 

                Tokyo Yasai Community, Kitchen and Office: Mr. Ryota Nanbu

                MuraMura Farm, founder, Mr. Kohei Murata 

2:05:35 ~ Ar. Arie Kutz, Partner, Nir-Kutz Architects & Chairman, Israel-Japan Friendship Association          


2:13:09 ~ The approach of Japanese companies to the Israeli ecosystem, Mitsubishi Corporation Tel-Aviv Office

                 Mr. Leor Ben-Yakov, Chief Innovation Officer, Head of Partnerships and Ventures 


2:30:48 ~ AgriTech startups Pitch (Video)


2:49:40 ~ Netafim Japan, Mr. Ziv Kremer, Managing director 

3:15:40  ~ Closing remarks 

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